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We met these two and hit it off right away…I love it when you have that great connection with your couples right off the bat! Clio and Noel moved from Victoria to Calgary for work and I really get the feeling they miss the I can’t say I blame them =) We met on one of the hottest days Calgary has seen this year and I think the whole city was out at Edworthy park at the same time we were. We managed to escape the hoards of people and get some great photos. We are so excited for your day and hopefully a day after session in Victoria hee hee..hint hint!

When’s the big day?
August 14, 2015

How did you meet?
We met on the beach in Victoria while watching a little black puppy steal people’s socks and take them into the ocean faster than anyone could catch him. That puppy was a ninja.

How did he propose?

Noel proposed on Clio’s birthday in front of the fire in the new house. Clio promptly dropped the ring on the floor.

Favorite thing about each other?
he says: She accepts the stuff I like to do.
she says: He can make me laugh, no matter what.

Your idea of a perfect date?
he says: Lunch and wander around a new place
she says: Some food, some drinks and a walk on the beach.

Kisses, hugs or snuggles?
he says: kisses
she says: hugs

What’s your favorite thing to do together?
We like to find new patios in the summer and just hang out together. We also try the calamari at every restaurant/patio/dive we go to, and give them all a grade.

Your favorite hangout?
5th Street Bar and Grill in Victoria. It was about a block away from Clio’s apartment.

One place in the world you must go see?
he says: Spain
she says: The open ocean with no land in sight

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
he says: Seeing all our friends and family together.
she says: No more planning! And, of course, finally being married to Noel.


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