Nicholas + Marissa..the e-session |Victoria Engagement Photographer


We were super excited when Nick + Marissa mentioned that they would be out in Victoria for a wedding in March and would love to have their engagement photos taken out here! Even though we got a soggy day these guys were amazing and went all over they place and stood out in the rain to get some pretty cool shots. We had so much fun shooting out here..there are so many stunning spots to photograph and we were having a hard time trying to narrow down our options. I have to say I was surprised Jeff didn’t get attacked by that peacock  ( it would have been quite funny) and I love how we managed to get a few photos by Hatley Castle even though they were shooting a movie…being quiet was tough for me 🙂 Thanks for the fun time and we cannot wait for your mountain wedding this fall!

When’s the big day? Oct 3, 2015

How did you meet? We met dancing at The Ranch in Edmonton.

How did he propose? He proposed on vacation in Las Vegas, we took a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon, and while on a walk in the canyon Nick knelt down and popped the question…he also happened to kneel on a cactus and cut his leg, good thing Marissa knows first aid.

Favorite thing about each other?
he says: Her kindness and love for both animals and people.
she says: His compassion for others and his sense of humor.

Your idea of a perfect date?
she says: Sitting at home with our pets and watching a movie.
he says: Same!

Kisses, hugs or snuggles?
he says: Snuggles
she says:

What’s your favorite thing to do together? Camping/hiking

Favorite Starbucks drink?

he says: Chi tea latte (with whipped cream)
she says: Peppermint hot chocolate

One place in the world you must go see?

he says: Europe
she says: New Zealand

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

he says:The mountain setting to share on our special day with our friends and family
she says: Creating special memories with our friends and families.



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