About us

Shelley & Jeff

"Hi!" We are Shelley and Jeff, a husband and wife team who really enjoy photographing weddings! (Couples are our speciality) We are based out of Victoria BC, but love to travel.

So here's a few facts...

We are still madly in love after 22 years of marriage.
We love to travel and photograph our adventures.
We love photography both personally and professionally.
We love coffee... I Mean LOVE!!!
An americano on the beach is our perfect date.
We have 3 dogs and no kids (but some cute nephews).
Weddings still make Shelley tear up.
Reese orange is Jeff's favourite colour. That being said, peanut butter cups are his favorite treat.
Shelley laughs loudly and often.
Jeff is the calm.  Shelley is the storm... not really... well maybe...

Seriously though we are very passionate about what we do and feel blessed that we can work together doing something that we love.  We enjoy finding unique places for our couples and finding new ways in which to photograph them.  Different perspectives, angles and lighting breathe new life into what we do.