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When’s the big day?
Aug 30 2014

How did you meet?
We met at a Chinese New Year’s party in 2006. It was at my best friend’s (and maid of honor)’s house, her older brother invited Henry and the rest is history:)

How did he/she propose?
Henry surprised me by proposing to me one early morning in May. We were on a 6am flight to Puerto Vallarta on a group trip with our friends when a flight attendant came over the speaker and said a man named Henry had something very important to say. I looked across the aisle still half asleep and noticed Henry wasn’t in his seat, looked up the aisle and saw him talking on the intercom. He told me he wanted to be together forever and we should start with today. I of course said Yes!

It was a very sweet way to propose because we love to travel together and he was a nervous wreck for weeks beforehand although I didn’t know why. He was also sweet enough to make sure our friends caught the moment on camera.

Favorite thing about each other?
he says:her understanding
she says: his smile. it portrays perfect happiness, giddiness and child like joy all in one moment sometimes.

Your idea of a perfect date?
he says: some thing different that we have not done so it is exciting for the both of us
she says: dinner anywhere with Henry exploring new food, one of our favorite things to do.

Kisses, hugs or snuggles?
he says:kiss hugs snuggles
she says: hugs, snuggles and kisses in that order.

What’s your favorite thing to do together?
We love to travel together. Our favorite memories are on vacation, exploring new places and new foods.

Favorite Starbucks drink?
he says:no caffeine it gets me too rowdy
she says: No caffeine for Henry! Hypes him a touch too much

Your favorite hangout?
Anywhere having fun with our friends.

One place in the world you must go see?
he says: Brazil
she says: Europe! Paris one day I hope, my stomach will die of happiness

What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
he says:seeing Michelle walk down the isle and dancing and party with Michelle and all of our friends.
she says: Hearing Henry’s vows, dancing with Henry and listening to the toasts.

  • Danna - LOVE Every Single one of these!! Beautiful!

Jeff and I feel so lucky that Joe and Lori chose us to capture their big day! We had such a great time at their wedding…it felt more like hanging out with friends than working. I think what I like the best about these two is the way they look at each other. It’s like no one else is around. As a photographer I love being able to capture two beautiful people who quite simply adore one another. We had a beautiful hot sunny day on their wedding and Julianne from A Modern Proposal came down from Edmonton to make sure everything ran smoothly! I loved Lori’s choices of wedding colors, tan, gold, coral and white. It was so refreshing to see something different! A ton of thought and planning went into this wedding, every little detail was thought of right down to beautiful robes for all the girls to wear while getting ready. At the end of this blog post you will have to check out the video Joe and Lori did for their entrance into the reception. It was so much fun…the MC announced them, they didn’t come in, the screens dropped and the video played. It was so fantastic, it was a great way to get the party started!

Our Binge & Purge Style: Wedding Entrance from Joe Stephenson on Vimeo.

Oh my god we love love love Kim and Mark, they are such a sweet couple and are so perfect for one another! This was such an amazing wedding, we did a ton of crying and laughing and could you ask for a more stunning setting? The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is one of my favorite places..from towering mountains to the turquoise water this place is a must see if you have never been here! Sonia from Enriched Events took care of everything so the decor looked amazing and the day ran so smoothly. The speeches were so heartfelt and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. I had a heck of a time trying to choose a few photos so i just decided to post a lot…anyways…enough rambling from me…enjoy the pictures!

Jeff and I  love shooting weddings at The Ranche down in fish creek park! More often than not they are usually a small,  more intimate wedding where the couples have their closest friends and family with them to share in their big day.  Katie + Sean got a beautiful warm sunny day, the venue was perfect and Tracey from Occasional Bloom did a STUNNING job on all the flowers. I loved all the little vases and all the detail she puts into her work! Speaking of details… Katie surprised me by being a very DIY bride, she put a lot of thought and care into her wedding which I think is so cool. You guys both looked amazing and we were so happy to be part of your day.